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Hello, and welcome to my website. 

If you're looking for dreamy portraits of your family that will create long-lasting memories, you've come to the right place. I am an award-winning portrait and landscape photographer, whose work has been showcased in Santa Fe, Texas, and California. Below are some of my basic services, but I'm also very flexible and can accommodate different locations/settings.

Basic Portrait Session (1 person only): 30 minutes, $80, about a dozen shots.

Extended Portrait Session (1 person or family): at least one hour, 40+ photos (high resolution files) +6  8x10 prints, $200. 

HS Senior Portraits, basic: 1 hour, 1 location, 40+ photos (high resolution files) + 6 8x10 prints, $200.

HS Senior Portraits, extended: 2+ hours, 2 locations, 60+ photos (high resolution files) + 10 8x10 prints, $300.

HS Senior Portraits, Deluxe package: $300-$400, same as the above, but it also includes a "fun" composite (i.e. a movie poster, a band concert, etc.) and a poster print of the final image.* 

Please click here for a full price list and an explanation of what you get with each package. 

Email me to make an appointment: eegiorgi(at)gmail.com or use the contact form on the left. 


"The portraits you have created are just beautiful. The girls look so breathtaking, I just can not stop looking at those pictures. You created life-lasting memories for our family." --Lana

"My daughter loved your pictures, her profile picture on FB is the picture taken by you, they look amazing, we really appreciate your work." --Vaishali

"Your attention to detail is impressive." --Alina

"Elena, your work is wild, inspirational, pensive, and lovely. Beautiful!" --Nancy

"Your work is breathtaking! I want them all!!!" 

"So many of us have walked into beautiful evenings and colorful sunsets, intense fall colors and iridescent mountains, childhood innocence and uninhibited joy. Elena Giorgi captures those moments on her camera, so when we look at the portraits in our homes, the same happiness infiltrates our hearts! Perhaps this is because she is not just a photographer, but also an artist and her passion brings her portraits to life." --Harshini

"I look around me to see what I treasure and your luminous pictures stand out." --Deepa

“Elena is a true artist with an amazing instinct for the best shots, be it panorama or person. Yet she makes it all look so easy!” --Lakshman

Please feel free to browse my galleries. Cards, tote bags, and home decor with my images are also available hereMy images are available for licensing. I offer a standard $100 non-exclusive standard license for up to 10,000 prints. I also make custom images -- feel free to click on the links on the left of the screen to see a sample of my work.

* The making and design of the composite will be discussed between the client and the photographer. The photographer will make the final decision on the feasibility of the project.